Windows 10 for IoT Core Build 10152

Windows 10 for IoT Core Build 10152

Microsoft has released Windows 10 for IoT Core Insider Preview build 10152 on June 24, 2015. This release still pretty much as early build, lot of “suppose” work elements are still “missing”.

What’s New

Windows 10 IoT Core Insider Preview (June 24, 2015 Release)

  • Updated base OS build (Build 10152.0.fbl_impressive.150618-2341)
  • New FFU Flashing Tool (No longer require to type command line)
  • Secure Shell (SSH) server support
  • Audio output on Raspberry Pi 2 (USB-audio and onboard analog output)
  • Web server (WebB) moved to port 8080. (No longer conflict with other web services)
  • Bug Fixes
  • New default UI
  • Total of 11 languages supported
  • Seem faster (well… )

New FFU Flashing Tool

New default UI

More languages supported

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