Azure Maps for Windows 10

Azure Maps for Windows 10

Azure Maps partner with TomTom and Moovit to provide world-class location and mobility information for their customers. Azure Maps provide various way for developers to build their Azure Maps based solutions via REST APIs, Web SDK and Android SDK. Unfortunately, we don’t have Azure Maps SDK for Universal Windows Platform.

With the support of REST APIs, we still can build awesome maps app for Windows 10 which based on Azure Maps services. To prove the concept, I have created a Azure Maps for Windows 10 (Unofficial), and open source it. If you are interested to try the app out by yourself, please visit GitHub my repo.

The journey of thousand miles start with one step

Current Features

This is the very first release of this sample apps. Hence, the objective is just to create a basic maps app that powered by Azure Maps services.

Features included in this release:

  • Obtain user current location by Geolocator class.
  • Display Road / Satellite imagery tile on MapControl.
  • Overlay Traffic Flow and Traffic Incidents tile on MapControl.
  • Long press / right click on mouse to place a pin on the map.
  • Convert latitude, longitude into human readable address via “Search Address Reverse”.
  • Implement Search Fuzzy to handle user search request, it will return POIs and closely match result.
  • Implement Get Route Directions, submit two or more way points and also choose the time of travel / arrival to get the turn by turn travel instruction with the travel mode that user’d chosen.
  • Implement “3D” map view effect by using different value for Tilting the MapControl.
  • Implement Pan, Zoom-in, Zoom-out features using MapControl build in features.
  • Right click to perform quick set “Direction to” and “Direction from” when mouse over the pinned location.

What do I need to start trying it out?

Beside Visual Studio 2019 (any edition), you need Bing Map Service Token as well as Azure Maps Subscription key. To able to view the Satellite Imagery Tile, your Azure Maps Subscription have to be S1.


What’s Next?

There are still many services from Azure Maps have not make it ways into this sample apps. Over the next few months, I will try to implement more of the features into it.

If you would like to make this app better, please feel free to fork it at Azure-Maps-Windows10.

If you have any suggestion or find any bugs, please feel free to fill up the issues form at Our Github repo.

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