First Impression of Microsoft Band SDK Preview

First Impression of Microsoft Band SDK Preview

Finally I received my long waiting Microsoft Band few days ago, playing it with it for first 48hrs and I try to explore what can a developer doing with it.

Since Microsoft has released the Preview version of SDK for Microsoft Band, I decided to give it a try and find what can I do with it.

My first impression, some how this Microsoft Band SDK 1.3.10219-preview is pretty much limited. A lot of cool thing that you want to do with it, is not there. Since this is my first post regarding Microsoft Band SDK 1.3.10219-preview, I general summarized it as CAN and CANNOT:

What you CAN DO with Microsoft Band SDK 1.3.10219-preview:
  1. Read total of 8 sensors’ reading:
    • Accelerometer: AccelerationX, AccelerationY, AccelerationZ and TimeStamp;
    • Contact: State (Worn / NotWorn) and TimeStamp;
    • Distance : CurrentMotion (Idle, Jogging, Running, Walking and Unknown), Pace, Speed, Total Distance and TimeStamp;
    • Gyroscope : AccelerationX, AccelerationY, AccelerationZ, AngularVelocityX, AngularVelocityY, AngularVelocityZ and TimeStamp;
    • HeartRate: HeartRate, Qualtity and TimeStamp;
    • Pedometer: TotalSteps and TimeStamp;
    • Skin Temperature : Temperature and TimeStamp;
    • Ultraviolet : ExposureLevel and TimeStamp;
  2. Vibrate the Band in 9 different patterns
    • NotificationOneTone, NotificationTwoTone, NotificationAlarm, NotificationTimer, OneToneHigh, TwoToneHigh, ThreeToneHigh, RampUp, RampDown;
  3. Send a short message to the Band
    • Dialog Notification that contain a title, body text and timestamp with a “Dimiss Button”;
    • Message Notification that contain a title, body, the message will be truncated after 140 characters. However, it does support the quick read functionality (activated by pressing “Action Button”). The app tile will accumulate up to 8 notifications.
  4. Change the “Me Tile” background and Theme color of the Band
  5. Create a tile for your app
What you CANNOT DO with Microsoft Band SDK 1.3.10219-preview:
  1. Display any kind of custom image or layout. As the result, you can’t build your own Sbux app 🙁
  2. Customized the message layout.
  3. No interaction from the Band back to your phone apps.
  4. Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) sensor reading is not available.
  5. Customized the Hardware buttons.
  6. Read historical sensors data.

Since this is still a Preview version of Microsoft Band SDK, it is still too early to say I’m satisfied or disappointed; It is always good to see and hope the future update to the SDK will provide developers more flexibility.

Download the Microsoft Band SDK Preview

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