Azure Maps Lite for UWP

Azure Maps Lite for UWP

While we are still waiting for the official Azure Maps SDK for Universal Windows Platform, the eager me take it into my own hand. I’m going to create a lite version of the SDK for Azure Maps!

Before you can use this Azure Maps Lite SDK for UWP, you have to obtain an valid Azure Maps account. To do so, please create Azure Maps account from Azure Portal.

Installing Azure Maps Lite via NuGet

Current Azure Maps Lite SDK is version 0.9.4-beta.

PM> Install-Package AzureMapsLite -Version 0.9.4-beta

Initialization Azure Maps Lite

Azure Maps Lite SDK build on top of Azure Maps APIs 1.0. With this version of APIs, Azure Maps Lite SDK structured into:


  • Get IP to Location


  • Get Copyright Caption
  • Get Copyright for Tile
  • Get Copyright for World
  • Get Copyright From Bounding Box
  • Get Map Image (statics)
  • Get Map Imagery Tile
  • Get Map Tile


  • Get Route Directions
  • Get Route Range


  • Get Search Address
  • Get Search Address Reverse
  • Get Search Address Cross Street
  • Get Search Address Structured
  • Get Search Fuzzy
  • Get Search Nearby
  • Get Search POI
  • Get Search POI Category
  • Get Search Polygon


  • Get Timezone by Coordinates
  • Get Timezone by ID
  • Get Timezone Enum IANA
  • Get Timezone Enum Windows
  • Get Timezone IANA version
  • Get Timezone Windows to IANA


  • Get Traffic Flow Segment
  • Get Traffic Flow Tile
  • Get Traffic Incident Detail
  • Get Traffic Incident Tile
  • Get Traffic Incident Viewport

Dispose Azure Maps Lite

Azure Maps Lite support Windows 10 Fall Creator Update (build 16299) and above. Currently it is still in beta testing, if you have any suggestion or issue, please feel free to write to me.

Happy coding!

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